Ways to find personell in the Netherlands

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Personnel search in the Netherlands; do it yourself or outsource?

Are you searching for personell in the Netherlands? A dedicated recruitment agency can help. Or read more and check out some tips and info of you search of Dutch candidates. 

Outsourcing the recruitment and selection of new staff can save you as an employer or HR manager a lot of time and money. However, for various reasons companies and organisations choose to carry out the recruitment of new personnel themselves. In this article we give some tips on how to do this successfully. If you can’t work it out yourself? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you on your way.

A clear and concrete job profile for a vacancy

As an employer, it is essential to have a clear, concrete and detailed picture of exactly what you are looking for. What knowledge, skills and competences does the candidate need to have? What will his/her tasks and responsibilities be within the relevant position? Be as specific as possible. Based on the job profile, a suitable vacancy text can be written. Make sure that the core competencies are clearly formulated and given a prominent place within the job description. In this way you create the right expectations among interested parties.

Involve your current staff in the search for new personnel in the Netherlands

Your current staff members can also be deployed in the recruitment and selection of new personnel. Therefore, involve them in this process. Ask them, for instance, if they can suggest candidates from their own network. Because your current staff member already knows the potential new employee(s), you immediately have a good reference. You can also ask your current staff members to share the vacancy on their own social media channels. LinkedIn lends itself perfectly for this. In the Netherlands Linkedin is the mayor social media to find candidates. 

This often ensures a large reach of the vacancy. It can also be very valuable to give your current employees a role in the application procedure and have them join the job interviews. This often creates a different dynamic in the interviews. And remember; your current employees are – in most cases – the ones who will have to deal with the new employee the most. A ‘good click’ is therefore important.

Also place the opportunity for ‘open applications’ on the company website
Do you currently have no vacancies? Then it can still be valuable to mention the possibility for ‘open applications’ on the company website. By offering your company the opportunity to respond to open applications, you can receive responses from talented people who you can contact when a vacancy arises. This can only make recruiting easier in the future. It is important, however, to state how long the data of interested parties is stored.

Write an appealing and original vacancy text

Many vacancy texts are similar and full of clichés. It is up to you to stand out from the crowd. Present your company; show what you stand for, what your ambitions are, what important pillars within the organisation are and what the new employee can mean for the company. Dare to think ‘out-of-the-box’ when writing a vacancy; look for an original form. Maybe you can write the vacancy text from the point of view of an employee or maybe a vacancy in the form of a video is a good option for your company? It is also possible to use a professional copywriter or content creator for this.

Approach people directly

The best way to find the right people in the Netherlands is to approach suitable profiles directly. Do this especially if the right people do not respond to a vacancy. With recruitment software we can select and approach these profiles for every company.

Smart recruitment by Recruitment Center

When you are not able to find suitable personnel in the Netherlands yourself, a recruitment organisation can often provide a solution. Make sure when choosing a recruiter that he or she fits well with you and your company and knows the Dutch labour market. 

The recruiters of Dutch Recruitment Center are experts in recruiting and selecting new personnel. We get energy from selecting the best candidates for a vacancy.

Do you have questions or do you want more information about our working method? Contact us without obligation.

We will be happy to start the search for new personnel in the Netherlands for your company or organisation.

Ways to find personell in the Netherlands

finding personell in the Netherlands

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