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Dynamic job market

The job market in the Netherlands is very dynamic and constantly changing. Some changes are gradual and barely noticeable while other changes and trends emerge at breakneck speed and spread across various sectors and countries. Especially in recent years, the labor market has been changing at a rapid pace. Because of COVID-19, our work has taken on a completely different shape and form, and this has had a major impact on the trends that are now developing. We take a look at the most notable trends in the labor market today.

Generational change

In recent years, more and more baby boomers have retired and this will continue in the coming years. The baby boomer generation has always been a large part of the working population and their departure from the labor market is causing quite a change. The millennials will become an increasingly large part of the labor market and this will be noticeable in all areas. It is therefore expected that more and more companies will undergo a culture change. Digitalization will further increase, hybrid work will become more important and diversity and flexibility in the workplace will receive even more attention.

Freelancing is upcoming

Due to the job insecurity around COVID-19 and a need for flexibility, more and more Dutch people have started to freelance in recent years. Within IT and the creative sector freelancing was already on the rise for years, but now the number of freelancers in other sectors is also increasing rapidly.

Especially within the healthcare sector the number of freelancers has risen sharply in the last year. There is a great need for extra hands and as a freelancer work in healthcare is often better paid and more flexible.

Hybrid working is definitive

Since COVID-19, working from home has become more and more common among companies in the Netherlands. Previously, some organizations and companies were somewhat less willing to facilitate working from home, but since working from home has been more or less a must for some time, it is hard to imagine that only working at the office will become the norm again. Hybrid working will therefore continue to grow in popularity in the coming years. This form of working combines working in the office with remote working. Employees are given the facilities and space to determine their own work location. This can be from home, but also from a flexible workplace at another location. Work at the office will increasingly be limited to just meetings, appointments with customers and social affairs.

Recruitment and labor shortages

Due to the tight Dutch labor market in many sectors, the demand for staff is greater than ever. Many organizations and companies have difficulty finding suitable personnel and increasingly, the help of a professional recruitment center will be called in to assist. Just looking for somebody on Linkedin will not work as foreign company.  Recruiters know better than anyone how to find the right people for a specific job through their network and experience. They can take the recruitment and selection out of your hands and thus relieve the company of all the worries. Also, more and more companies are using recruitment CRM. This is software developed to better organize the recruitment and selection of new staff.Digital work

In recent years, digital working has increasingly become the norm. Working from home meant that meetings took place via platforms such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Software programs such as Teamwork, Slack, Toggle and Asana are becoming increasingly popular to streamline working in teams, and more and more companies are actively using social media to boost sales, raise their company’s profile and get in touch with customers. This digitalization will certainly continue in the coming years and digital communication will become more and more accepted. We already saw during COVID-19 that applying via social media and job interviews via video were becoming more common, and onboarding is also increasingly taking place online. Whereas employers were previously sometimes hesitant about these new techniques, these software tools are now being used more often to make working in these new times easier.

Challenges in a tight Dutch labor market

What challenges do you face in this tight market? We are curious to hear your questions and would be happy to discuss the possibilities. Contact us to discuss your wishes. See you soon.

Labour market in the Netherlands

dutch labour market

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