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Dutch Recruitment Center gives you some more info about the costs and fee structure of recruitment agencies and staffing firms in the Netherlands.

The recruitment of new staff can take up a lot of time and resources within a company. This process is absolutely worth it to put the right people in the right place, but not every company has the opportunity or the right knowledge for this. A recruitment agency offers a solution! But what does a recruitment agency cost, or what does it actually cost when this firm finds a good employee?

Fee structures

Well, some agencies work with a fixed-fee, others with a percentage of the annual salary which is between 20 and 35%. If you want to know more read on.

What does a staffing firm or agency do?
A recruitment agency offers all-round solutions for the recruitment of new personnel for your company. This agency can assist in finding the right staff in the Netherlands, but can also take the entire recruitment process out of your hands. The tasks of a recruitment agency can be roughly divided into headhunting, advice on recruitment, help with recruitment, help with selection, building a talent pool and interim recruitment.

What are the costs of recruitment and selection in the Netherlands

The recruitment and selection of new candidates for your company is an intensive process that involves a lot of time, effort and money. Time will have to be set aside to draw up the vacancy, process applications, interview candidates and arrange onboarding. In addition, the costs involved are not miserable. Advertising space for the vacancy on various platforms, assessments and the financial compensation for the recruiter: it can all add up. And as an organization you just have to hope that you make the right choices and don’t lose money by candidates dropping out or rapid turnover. Moreover, it is essential that the position is filled quickly. After all, money is lost if the work is left unfinished and no new employee has been hired.

What are the costs of a recruitment agency of staffing firm?

The recruitment process can be made much more efficient by hiring a recruitment agency. A recruitment agency can take over all parts of the recruitment and selection process. With their expertise, experience and database, the search for the right candidates for a job becomes much more effective. But what do you pay to use this knowledge and services?

There is, of course, no single rate to quote for engaging a recruitment agency. The cost of recruitment support depends on the tasks the recruitment agency takes on, the frequency of the services, the position for which candidates are being sought and the expenses involved. However, we can estimate the costs. Standard recruitment costs in the Netherlands are usually between 20% and 30% of the recruited candidate’s first gross annual salary.

Through smart recruiting you pay a fraction of these costs, with a completely transparent process.

The higher the position and the more difficult it is to fill, the higher the cost. This is of course logical: the recruitment agency also spends considerably more time, effort and money on this.

To hire or not to hire a recruiter?

Whether or not to use a recruitment agency to fill a particular position in the Netherlands depends on various factors. Obviously budget plays a major role. Now that you know what the estimated costs for recruitment support are, you can assess whether this fits within your budget for recruitment. But there are more factors to consider.

Sometimes a position is very difficult to fill. This may be because it is a position that requires specialist skills, or it may be a position that few people are interested in. As a company, it can then be challenging to find the right candidates especially if you don’t know the local labour market. It may be necessary to bring in outside help to reach the right people for the position. A recruitment agency also offers a solution for headhunting talent.

The expertise of a recruitment agency also provides a lot of added value to the recruitment process. A recruitment agency has all the knowledge and tools to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you find it difficult to assess candidates on experience, knowledge, personality, reliability and fit with the company, a recruiter can really provide a conclusive answer. For this they make use of their knowledge, experience and skills, but also of various specialized automation and assessment tools.

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Cost of recruitment firm Netherlands

costs of recruitment agencies in the Netherlands

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